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An attempt to approach mundane secret!

“Don’t think or judge, just listen.”

The aforementioned set of words, by Sarah Dessen, kindled me to write and express my philosophies about the human nature, something about our psyches, something regarding behaviours, thoughts, actions and reaction, appreciation and mockery, something on emotions, expressions and constraints.
It all starts with one’s environment, the situation in which he grows and the way he is nurtured. Everybody is born the same, this is my very personal belief. I have always felt that there are two options to everyone in every situation. The one who is oppressed can either become the most humane or the most brutish being, the one who has been much opulent either turns into a profligate or somebody so scrooge, totally tightwad. It all depends on how has he been treated during his journey.

The other day I went through some random words that went like ‘If you like something about somebody, appreciate it. Because that may take a while  for you but for somebody its impact could be eternal.’. We don’t realize how important or, better say, significant is our influence on the people who we are in contact with no matter in what manner. Whatever we say is going to affect them howsoever.

I usually think how must I shape or groom myself, so that when I get to raise some little humans whom I will be blessed as an official responsibility to influence on in the best possible manner. For that, I believe, I need to teach myself first and start practicing by implementing and treating others in the best possible manner so as to influence their lives in a better way, to make someones life better, to have a very positive impact on somebody in this otherwise negative society. And for that, in turn, I need to understand the psyche, the needs and requirements of one’s mind and that’s what I try to do and wish to excel in. Because I personally believe that this can not only make others lives better, it also brings self-satisfaction and contentment within self. And since ‘Charity begins at home’ and also the people who we get to interact the most with are our parents, siblings and our kids, our fellows etc, so now we know where we should start practicing this from.

Because no matter what we are going to influence their lives in some way however so why not try to understand people and leave a better impression? Why not make everybody feel good about himself? Why not try to make this world a better place? Why not spread love when you can. Let’s enjoy the bumpy ride of life together. I hope this attempt makes a difference. Be and let others be at peace. Fingers crossed!


The Essence of Adventurous Life!


Started off with WordPress when I was fourteen as the subtitle of my profile suggests. Now, Alhamdullillah, I am hitting 17 and almost 3 years have passed and things have changed in a quite positive way. I have her as my best friend. I am peaceful and contented now. I am a bit mature clumsy now 😀 And in some other good ways as well. Life has turned a lot better, providing all the essential lemons and Also Nature blessed me with my soul mate to teach me how must I tackle those lemons.

I am Adventuring. Seeking more adventures.

Hmmm. Adventure. Let’s  talk about adventure.

Google says:




  1. 1.

    an unusual and exciting or daring experience.

    “her recent adventures in Italy”

Let’s get to the first part. Unusual. Well said, Fred. You know when your soul finally gets its only matching jigsaw, how inspired it gets. All the hollowness and meaninglessness of your ‘self’ and your ‘life’ goes down the drain. Even when you feel low, you are inspired because you know “You have it, mayn! You have what you always craved for. The much-needed righteous attention.” You no more have to opt performing attention-seeking feats. You don’t have to update status on fb and tweeting on twitter that you are feeling low! You will just directly tell that to your partner and you both take it as ‘another challenge’ by Dear life and tackle it quite responsibly and even in that one of you will find positive aspect and motivate the other or maybe laugh it off. That’s ‘unusual’. Because you have learned that being in the limelight is not the ‘contentment’, it’s the peace that the Right one brings from within, the one that moves your soul and inspires you. Every feeling you get about them is thrilling and ‘unusual’ in all the possible ways. Every breathe you take during moments when you feel grateful about the trueness of your bond, it does something to your heart, you bliss out. You are filled with gratitude now. That’s ‘unsual’.

“Exciting”. Well! As I have already stated about the thrills and ‘excitements’ you get when you think about your most impregnable bond with your true friend which surely is a literal blessing in the world full of rants about fake friends, fake partners and blah blah! You know event most common of all the things get ‘excited’ when you plan to do it with your friend. You know maybe just ‘a walk’, something I, you and all the men in the street see even the other men in street doing. Something as simple as that. IT gets exciting, yes! Not a walk with distracted mind partly burdened with future plans partly with regrets from pasts but The walk with the very presence of your mind knowing that you are complete now and the person perambulating beside you has planned to walk all their life with you. You have achieved the major fundamental clue to your life. Now you two have to build each other. Trust me, even reminding this to self is so thrilling and ‘exciting’. This was some very simple thing turning exciting. So is the case with other simple things as well like sipping tea together at the same instant even when you two are not even physically together, ‘cooking’ the same thing at the same time be it at different places or make it more exciting by cooking the same thing together and so many such things like these are here in my mind popping up and thoughts of which are already making me excited when I am just writing about them so that adds up ‘writing’ as well. Think how ‘thrilling’ things will get if we come to already extraordinary things like ‘travelling’ which asks for money and time and also most importantly ‘permissions’ by your families and parents. 😀 That’s how true mate makes life ‘exciting’ as well.

Now comes the ‘daring’ part. Wow! Daring! yes!!!! You know you can now do things you never had guts to get done. You are ready to face everything for your partner. You want to stay steadfast. You are not worried how stormy the wind is going to be, you know you will stay unwavering because your very courage is your bond, you know this is the thing you always needed and now that it’s with you, you can do anything! You are not afraid anymore. Physical fears are not that hard to deal with as much as emotional fears. You know you no more are afraid of people judging you. You don’t care what random people have to say on your acts rather you pity them because you know that they do not have who you have, their search is still continuing, they still crave the attention.You are not fake because you have to impress people, you are You because you were meant to be you. You are “daring” enough to be YOU! Love has made you a ‘You’ or more correctly, The “YOU”. That’s how you get ‘daring’ as well by placing that once missing piece (or more correctly, ‘peace’) of the jigsaw that you are at its place.

That’s how it is. Obviously not ‘happy-happy’ all the time, there definitely are ups and downs as I stated above, life never stops giving you lemons, but thing is, you find yourself always contented and that is what matters.

So that is what adventure is, a blend of quite “unusual” set of emotions; sentiments and sensations, a much exhilarating and “exciting” experience and bold and “daring” will. You do not need ‘Chemical-X’ to make your life adventurous but You definitely need to wait for your soul mate to land in!!! Good luck ..ciao! 😉