I am completely Bee-witched! ❤

It’s the mid of 20th night of July, 2017. My best friend, the peace of my heart and my partner, is asleep. And I m missing her. I am thinking about her.

She is the kind of lady writers write about and moviemakers make movies about (this particular sentence sounds so cliché but that’s how it is). Surprises you everytime you meet her. She carries that energy around her which will never cease to enkindle your spirit no matter how many times you get to find her around. Her smile will electrify you. Her life will inspire you. As she speaks, every one of her word will make no sense to you yet all the sense, you will be in strong effect of her presence. Each and every bit of her will make you wonder. She is not just beautiful and well-mannered, she is a class apart. She will tell you the true meaning of words like ‘poise’, ‘class’, ‘elegance’, ‘love’. Even a handshake with her will stir you. Such is she.

I have been enjoying very close relationship with this lady. I have seen her from so close yet I haven’t witnessed single flaw in her perfect personality. She still excites me the way she used to when I didn’t know her. She is the most precious gem, my gem. Yet she is so humble and down-to-earth. You will never see her self-praising, seeking-attention, being rude to people and stuff like that. She will always meet you humbly, always be kind to you. I feel so lucky to have her as a part of my life. She is one of her own kind. She is an epitome of perfection. ❤

As I am thinking and writing about her, my soul is getting so excited. And I start to miss her more and more. This means I should stop writing until I get to see her otherwise it will be so hard to manage right now when she is asleep and since her charm is eternal I can write about her at any freaking moment. I am so blessed to have this person that people dream about as a friend. ❤  She is that fetching soul one hardly even gets to meet let alone being befriended by her. I love her, anybody irresistably can but the best(estestestest…est) part is that she has loved me back. Much love to my bffl. Best buddy in the world, a true blessing. The Diamond to the ring’s head that I am, making me shine as well.