An Ode to love. 

My little sunshine’s sleeping; how beaut!

‘front is a day full of work and no play.

God will ‘ward her patience with sweetest fruit

for she serves dear mother everyday.

I am so proud to have her as soulmate
We eat and drink and play together

Aimed to stick ‘ever, will ne’er isolate

through June’s heat and December’s cold weather.
O our Allaah! Give us hope and much strengh,

To deal with all cumbers that come our way,

May we stay closest, be distant in length,

Be in each other’s heart, never we stray,

Penned this to thank You for making my days bright,

Meet me soon so that I hug You mucho tight!


3 thoughts on “An Ode to love. 

  1. An honor to have been patented by a future ‘star’. These are not just words, they are sacred thots in the name of love. Rapt in ecstasy has left me speechless; I don’t have words to express my contentment. Thank you, dear friend!

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