Hmm ..Let’s write about ..

Helloo, yello, blue, orange, green, purple people!!! Guess what, I feel like writing something right now but I don’t know what to write about. And since I don’t want this muse that is pushing me to write something itself go away and leave my page as barren as it has been, I decided to write about ‘not knowing what to write about’. Hahahhaa. This sounds funny.

How about jotting down my philosophies about certain things? No, man! Not everybody is going to understand it.

How about advising people? Everybody is advising, that would be too conventional. -_-

How about telling people how to do what? This seems sort of good idea, no? But now I have to decide what should I choose to teach how to do it? Noooo, got to drop this as well.

And how about explaining and expressing my own thoughts on the sets of the words already fabricated by some famous influential people? Hahahaha, dear myself, now you want me to go choose the quotes? And how are you so sure that what sort of quote is going to sync with your mood right now? I say, forget about it!

Ok, ok. How about writing reviews about ‘Movies’, people love it, man! You have heard about that movie having some scary clown down the drain and those kids, right? Trailer of which your bff forcefully showed you, remember? Daaaaaarn! Wish you had taken some interest and watched it with some delight that day then only you would have been somehow able to at least give your say on it. -_-

How about Football? What? Ain’t RMA the only club you know about? I mean, know the name of? Well, no comments!

Politics too is a ‘hot-hot’ subject to give your opinion on, ppl will go ‘cray-cray’ on it, the ones with same opinion will use your article as evidence to win debates and the others who disagree will still promote your link be it for making fun of you, but fame is coming, so whatya care about? 😀 But, other than the Orangeness of Trump and Fubsiness Of NS, you hardly know anything about politics or politicians. So, Failed!!!!

Better luck next time.

But guess what? You have successfully put something down in writing and now you can sleep in peace tonight. So this is going to get posted anywayyyyyyyyy. Yayyyyyy!


8 thoughts on “Hmm ..Let’s write about ..

  1. Purpose of writing is to write …about the thots that cross one’s mind..how,as and when they come. But someone so good as You at words will always standout, you have peculiar way of expressing self, in words most profound. Good luck, honey! Way to go!

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  2. You have successfully put something down in writing, now you can sleep in peace tonight.
    Hahaha I know the feel. And then getting up in the morning, having people shared opinions on your blog is one of the best feels ever!

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